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cosmetics :: haircare

Aware Products


Body Drench

Bosley Healthy Hair Concepts

Caesars Palace/

      Caesars World Merchandising

DEP Corporation


DNA Health Institute

Giovanni Haircare

Hayashi For Hair

Luksus Skin & Eye


Sebastian International

Sexy Hair Concepts

Taberco, Inc.



charitable :: non-profit

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

National Kidney Foundation

Purple Heart Rescue

Rock The Vote

Second Chance Dogs

Sisters of Notre Dame



Atlantic Records

Blue Note Records

Capitol/EMI Records

Carolco Pictures

Columbia Tri-Star Pictures

Disney Televentures

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Paramount Pictures

Tour Merchandising Inc.

    • BLACKstreet

    • Boyz of Paradize

    • R. Kelly

    • Sophie B. Hawkins

    • Tupac Shakur


food :: produce


California Avocado Commission

Chiquita Bananas

Dreyers Ice Cream

Hass Avocado Board


kids :: toys

Berk Corporation

Circle of Friends

Davies Gate (Davies Babies)

Mattel, Inc.

    • Malibu Barbie

    • Mary Kate & Ashley

Micro Games of America

SomeWear Literary Clothing

Sony Playstation

sports :: healthcare

Atlas Development Corporation

Glendale Memorial Hospital

Los Angeles Spine Institute

Ogilvy Public Relations

    • Rite Aid

    • Longs Drugs

    • Walgreens

Pharmavite Corporation

    • Nature Made

    • Nature's Resource

    • JogMate

    • CalBurst

    • Vitesse

    • NFL Regimen

Rogers Hospital

Royce Medical

St. John's Health Center

St. Vincents Medical Center

USA Active Seniors

World Cup USA


hi-tech :: e-business

BioScreen Laboratories

CD Mate

Hanson Research


Pentacon Aerospace

    (formerly Alatec)

Prime Matrix Cellular



institutional :: services

Barking Dogs Promotions

Countrywide Mortgage

The Los Angeles Times


retail products :: business

Best Office Supplies

Performance Products

Home Depot

Media City Center (Burbank)

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