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When Guzman & Associates was founded in 1982, print media ruled. Guzman catered to clients in a variety of industries from produce and food services to hair care and cosmetics, high tech and healthcare to entertainment and toys.

Welcome to the art of the idea.

We have always created dazzling and effective campaigns that included branding, advertisement, point-of-purchase materials, direct mail, brochures, etc. Anything that could be printed.


Over the years, as media evolved, so did we. We now specialize in additional cutting-edge creative and technical services including:

  • Multi-media and website development and marketing

  • Content management

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Online promotional marketing

  • Local, regional and national banner advertising

  • Social media services


As your creative team, it is our goal to create customized solutions to your unique business challenges.


We are staffed with extraordinarily creative minds, but we often form teams of creative and expert independent consultants to manage more complex projects.


This is where 

the art of the idea takes shape

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